Beautiful towns in Germany


There are many beautiful towns in Germany that you can visit, Germany is a wonderful country and all of the towns with wonderful stories to share.


Berlin is one the most important of towns in Germany, due to its long history as a stable capital of the region and the country.

Berlin is a center for culture and German history. Seated on the river Spree, Berlin grew up from a small settlement beginning in 1192, and became the capital of its district in 1440 and was ruled by the same family through 1918.

After unification, Berlin was created capital of Germany and became the most important city in the country.

towns in Germany

Of all the towns in Germany, Berlin is one of the most interesting and diverse in terms of culture and history and makes a great tourist destination.

After WWII, Berlin was broken into quadrants, with the soviet section of the city walled off from the remainder of the town. Today, you can still walk where the wall once was and visit the many WWII memorials throughout the city as well as visit museums and palaces dedicated to Germany history.  Berlin is one of the most interesting  towns in Germany  to visit and shouldn’t be missed.

Frankfurt am Main

Another one of the major tourist destinations is Frankfurt am Main. This is one of two towns in Germany called Frankfurt and is the more important of the two. It is the fifth largest city in Germany, and retains much of its traditional architecture. The film “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” was filmed in Frankfurt and Frankfurt is very close to the geographic center of the European union.

For this reason, it has the largest and most important airport in the nation, with flights leaving for all over the world from its gates every day.

Towns in Germany

English: Skyline of Frankfurt am Main, Germany Deutsch: Skyline von Frankfurt am Main (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Frankfurt is Germany’s financial center and outranks Berlin in financial importance.

Like many towns in Germany, Frankfurt has a long and storied history, going back to the first century Romans and beyond.

Frankfurt has always been one of the most important towns in Germany and will probably continue to be so for the years to come.


Kassel, like Frankfurt, is one of the many beautiful towns in Germany found on in the Hesse region of southeastern Germany.

Kassel began as a small fortification bridging the Fulda river. From this vantage point the town was able to do trade to the north and south and became a prosperous community.

Kassel is a unique cultural center and was the home to the Brother’s Grimm during the 19th century, and was among the  towns in Germany which became infamous for its infamous mercenary soldiers, the Hessians, which supported the British in during the American revolution.  Kassel is the most famous of Germany’s “storybook” towns, and there are many castles in the forests surrounding it.


Best known as the center of the “Weimar Republic” the interwar German capital, Weimar is a beautiful little town in the thüringer region of Germany.

Towns in Germany

Located about three and a half hours outside of Berlin, Weimar was home to Franz Liszt, and Goethe, as well as Nietzsche and the center of the Bauhaus movement. This is one of the most important towns in German in terms of culture and financial development.

You can still visit the homes of Goethe Liszt and Nietzsche, and if you’re lucky you might even get to touch Liszt’s piano, and visit the church where concerts and salons have been given for the past 200 years.


In addition to the Goethehaus in town, you may visit his pied-a-terre in the outskirts of the countryside, where he was rumored to have spent the summer with his lover. Weimar is also ancient, sporting a town well that is well over one thousand years old.

Weimar is one of the most beautiful towns in Germany and can be done as a great weekend trip from Berlin.

There are many beautiful towns in Germany which are worth visiting that it can be hard to pick a favorite.

Whether you’re interested in the commerce and future driven attitude of Frankfurt and Berlin, or you are more interested in the quaint towns in Germany like Kassel or Weimar you’ll find history, culture, and art in abundance throughout the country.

There are hotels and hostels to stay at in all towns in Germany so everyone who visits will be able to find a place for them.