Ways to Travel in Germany

Travel in Germany
is fast and easy. The train system is extensive and reliable, and it’s easy to hop a flight to destinations domestic and foreign from almost every moderate sized town in the country.

Travel in Germany

Travel in Germany is easy and fun, as well as educational and only moderately expensive. Germany itself is a wonderful country with much to offer any traveler.


Train travel is one of the easiest ways to travel in germany.

The Deutsche Bahn is extremely reliable, travels through major and modern cities, and runs on time. Nothing stops the D-bahn from being a model of modern efficiency.

The D-bahn links the entire nation and allows quick and inexpensive travel anywhere in Germany or in Europe.

Travel in germany

English: View of the Alps and a German train while traveling the German Bundesstrasse 2 en route to Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

You can be in Frankfurt am Main in the evening and Berlin the next morning – continuing your vacation overnight without missing a day of your vacation to travel.

Travelling by train evokes the old world and allows you to get some work done, if you travel during the day. Many trains are equipped with full dining and sleeping cars, making travel in Germany by train extremely convenient.

You can also get a u-rail pass which will allow you to travel anywhere in Europe via the train system for the price of that one ticket. It’s an incredibly handy and efficient way to travel in Germany.


Air travel is another great way to travel in Germany.  Travelling by plane is easy now that most minor cities have at least a small airport, and domestic flights are often on sale. You can hop from one city to another easily at any time of day when you choose to travel in Germany by flight.

You can also get to other countries in the European union easily as well. With your euro-passport, or even your American passport, moving through the schengen zone by flight is quick and easy.


Everyone who has ever thought about travel in Germany knows about the famous autobahn that runs across Germany.

On Germany’s highways, there are no speed limits and drivers can travel as fast as they went through the countryside. If you’re not someone who enjoys driving fast, then the autobahn is not for you. It is possible to drive through Germany, but you may still encounter dirty roads when you go off the beaten path in rural areas. Travel in Germany by car is a possibility but it’s not nearly as fast or as stress free as taking a train or a flight.


One of the best ways to see the countryside while you travel in Germany is through backpacking. Backpacking is slow, because you will only go as fast as your feet can carry you, but you can also enjoy more of the sights, in an even more up close and personal way than if you took the train or drove – certainly more personally than flying, where you’d only see the spotted landscape beneath you.

Finding places to stay is easy when you go backpacking. There are hostels that dot the landscapes in towns and villages, and you can usually find a campground if a hostel isn’t available.


If you’d like to get close to the scenery, a well as get to experience the wind in your face why not travel in Germany by cruise? You can take a Rheinland cruise through southwestern Germany throughout most of the year. This rugged and expansive scenery is seen to its best advantage during your slow cruise down the Rhine.

Different types of cruises are available from historic sites, to biking cruises where you ride all day and meet the boat at an appointed place downriver, or even wine tasting cruises wherein you are able to taste the great wines of the region as you tour the rheinland.

Travel in Germany is great if you’re hoofing it, but for a more guided adventure check out some of the many travel guides available to German tourists.

Travel in Germany

Travel Guides (Photo credit: Vanessa (EY))

There are books on travel in Germany for anyone no matter what their primary interest or target price range.

Travel in Germany is fun and inexpensive whether you travel by plane train or automobile, or enjoy yourself on a luxurious cruise through the historical rheinland countryside.